East Boston Community News

The East Boston Community News (EBCN) was an activist community newspaper produced biweekly between 1970 and 1989. Writers were primarily volunteers, some of whom continued their careers in journalism at major newspapers and magazines, and key articles were condensed and translated into Italian by volunteer translators.

The EBCN was originally begun as East Boston Newsletter under Impact, a federally funded anti-poverty organization, in 1970. However, after the first few issues, it split from Impact and became financially independent in order to take a side on political topics. It focused on concerns such as affordable housing and the effects of Logan Airport's expansion, and it took a stand on court-ordered busing and other controversial issues of the time.

To read more about the EBCN and the community it served,  Memories of the East Boston Community News can be found here. 

Please note that while digitized versions of newspaper issues are available, the collection itself is unprocessed.